Sterling Silver Boulder Opal Pendant

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$1,063.64 AUD ex GST
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Sterling Silver Boulder Opal Pendant


A beautifully dark natural boulder opal from central Queensland Australia, weighing 5.61cts total, set in a bezel setting of sterling silver rhodium plate, following the undulating formation of the stone, displays bold blocks of colours consisting of green, gold, orange and the sought after red, flash over the gem in a blocky pattern, whilst minor ironstone appears on the face of the opal, noting the natural organic nature of this most unique and wonderful gem.

At every angle the stone moves, different colours emerge.

The mount has been rhodium plated for shine and durabilty.



Product Details

  • Barcode:
  • Dimensions:
  • Total Weight:
  • Carat Weight:
  • Shape:
    Free Form
  • Opal Type:
    Boulder Opal
  • Colours:
    All spectral colours
  • Origin:
    Queensland, Australia
  • Metal Type:
    Sterling Silver Rhodium Plated