Sterling Silver Boulder Opal Ring

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$2,463.64 AUD ex GST
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Sterling Silver Boulder Opal Ring

Sterling Silver Ring set with a Boulder Opal from Queensland Australia. weighing 2.82cts. total.

The ring is sterling silver rhodium-plated and is elegantly set in a bezel setting which follows the natural undulating formation of the stone. The colours displayed in this gem are many,  the sought after red, green, gold, blue, orange and a hint of violet, in a blocky pattern. At every angle the stone turns, a wonderful colour emanates. Slight ironstone appears on the face of the gem, highlighting the natural, organic form of this most wonderful gem.

Band Width: 3mm

Size: O (7)






Product Details

  • Barcode:
  • Dimensions:
  • Total Weight:
  • Carat Weight:
  • Shape:
    Free Form
  • Opal Type:
    Boulder Opal
  • Colours:
    Red, Pink, Orange, Gold, Green and Blue
  • Origin:
    Queensland, Australia
  • Metal Type:
    Sterling Silver Rhodium Plated